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Ebenica tried her luck in America. They said WOW!

Read about how Slovak coffee shone behind a big girl in the Coffee Review competition.

About the famous success of Slovak coffee in Coffee Review

Rankings and healthy competition have their place in the fragrant world of coffee. In 2013, we decided to test whether Ebenica will succeed in a tough international competition. The most professional experts from the American Coffee Review, had to confirm this to us. We believed that he would not get lost in the world, but the verdict still stunned us. Ebenica is one of the top 10 espresso coffees in Europe!

This is already a result worthy of attention, especially if it comes from a reputable source. In less than two decades, the Coffee Review has built a strong name. Today, it is closely monitored by the entire coffee industry and is guided by it when buying coffee. A similar rating based on a 100-point scale is also known for wine.

You may be wondering if tasters can be objective at all when paying the old acquaintances of a hundred people – a hundred tastes. In the Coffee Review, each sample is evaluated by a multi-member panel of experts. And several times, to suppress the influence of their current “mood”. It is a blind test, i.e. the evaluators do not know the producer of the coffee they are currently tasting. They notice the appearance of grains, aroma, taste and aftertaste of coffee or the interaction of coffee with milk. They assign a number of points to each of these characteristics. By averaging them, we get the final result, with a gain of 90 points or more equal to a gold medal.

How did our coffees turn out in the Coffee Review?

In the espresso category, Ebenica was a success in its all four blends equally since very beginning. The demanding tastebuds of the committee were highly pleased and satisfied. INTENSIVO impressed with its distinctive taste and aftertaste, PIANO was more in tune with the milk, while HARMONELLE delivered a balanced performance. The final 90-point evaluation ranked each of them among the top. GURMANO scored even 92 points. For comparison, the maximum number of points awarded in a given year was 93.

  • Intensivo

    One of the TOP10 espresso coffees in Europe with an earthier, but sweet chocolate and nutty flavor.

  • packaging of Ebenica Harmonelle


    Unique balanced espresso coffee with fresh floral tones and captivating nutty flavors.

  • Ebenica Piano package


    Unique blend of 100% Arabica coffees with delicious taste of fruit and nut-chocolate tones.


Ebenica coffee belongs to the European top!

Four coffees of a single brand in the European TOP 10 – no one has seen a similar success in our latitudes yet. Ebenica thus also overtook the premium line of Illy, an Italian brand with a long tradition. The Russian roaster Soyuz Coffee Roasting from Kaliningrad, which supplies coffee to President Putin, also succeeded with three coffees.

The fact that it appeared after two years of operation on the market also adds to this result. A relatively short time, which, however, was marked by tireless work, patient testing, learning. The award is an encouragement for us, a milestone on the path to quality. In addition, we managed to draw the attention of the industry to the coffee from a small country, where people do not lack great determination. America discovered Ebenica, Ebenica discovered America – and other parts of the world, such as Saudi Arabia. In the meantime, we have even become a partner of one of the most prestigious wine competitions, the Concours Mondial de Bruxelles.

We are also pleased and motivated by the fact that Ebenica is finding more and more fans among you. The quality, which is appreciated by foreign experts, is within our reach at home, in Slovakia. Enjoy the experience of uniquely tuned tastes!