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Great Taste 2023 competition: The jury awarded four Ebenica coffees

Which Ebenica coffees received an award at Great Taste 2023?

award-winning Ebenica coffees in the hands of a woman

Ebenica coffees traditionally compete in the category of espresso coffees. Colombia La Secreta specialty coffee received two gold stars, representing an award for a highly exceptional taste.

The judges awarded one gold star to three coffees—the Ebenica Intensivo blend, the single-origin Cuba Serrano Superior coffee, and the decaffeinated Zero coffee.

At the same time, we succeeded in defending our title of Great Taste Producer, which is awarded only to companies with long-term consistent quality and a delicious product.

“This success really makes us very happy because it provides great satisfaction for the whole roastery team and especially for our roaster Andrej, who patiently supervises the roasting process of each and every coffee and, together with other colleagues, adjusts their flavors to perfection.”

Marek Fajčík, owner of the roastery

How are products evaluated at the Great Taste Awards?

The Great Taste Awards are among the most watched and trusted worldwide. Since 1993, more than 150,000 products have competed in the competition. The jury consists of top experts from various areas of the gastronomy sector, whose professional honor means their evaluations are always unbiased. Moreover, it wouldn’t even be possible—the evaluation is conducted blindly, which means that none of the judges know the name, packaging, or brand of the product they’re evaluating.

Our colleague Majo will tell you more about how the Great Taste competition works in a short video recorded in 2022.

This is what coffee with a Great Taste Award tastes like

The expert jury at the Great Taste Awards evaluates the submitted products not only by awarding stars but also verbally. The tasters summarize their impressions in just a few sentences, which are subsequently interesting and valuable feedback for us—especially since it’s an unbiased professional assessment without knowledge of the brand.

How did the judges rate our espresso coffee beans in the Great Taste Awards 2023?

Colombia La Secreta: 2 gold stars for exceptionally great taste

Great Taste 2023 badge - 2 stars

Beautifully balanced fruitiness. A light tartness obliterates any hint of bitterness on the finish. Juicy, watery grapes – spot on – underpinned by a comforting chocolate liqueur note. Creamy texture and rich mouthfeel.“

Ebenica Intensivo: 1 gold star

Great Taste 2023 badge - 1 star

“A little smokiness on the nose and on the start of the palate quickly dies down to a pleasant sweetness and rich finish, with just a touch of tobacco on the length. Finishes well – a touch of acidity lifts it above the char.”

Cuba Serrano Superrior: 1 gold star

Great Taste 2023 badge - 1 star

“The judges were really interested to see the producer actually lays claim to the tobacco finish – and there is, perhaps, something Cuban about this espresso. It is a coffee for those who like their espresso bitter –  it is a rich and deeply astringent coffee and almost certainly not to all tastes.“

Ebenica Zero: 1 gold star

Great Taste 2023 badge - 1 star

“On the nose and translated through to taste we detected sweet, lemon dessert notes, we feel this makes a very decent everyday coffee.“

We hope you will enjoy the great taste of our award-winning coffees

  • Colombia La Secreta

    It will enchant you with its creamy cocoa flavour, complemented by notes of mirabelles and grapes.

  • Cuba Serrano Superior

    Absolutely perfect coffee with sweet nut-caramel tones, thick crema and bitter tobacco finish.

  • Intensivo

    One of the TOP10 espresso coffees in Europe with an earthier, but sweet chocolate and nutty flavor.

  • Zero

    Certified decaffeinated coffee suitable for pregnant and nursing women or cardio patients.