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man in pyjamas drinks low caffeine coffee

NEW: Low-caffeine coffee Ebenica Siesta

Hundreds of books and professional studies have been written about the effects of coffee. Today, however, it is already clear that coffee is good for human health.

As the dietitian Ing. Jarmila Kabatova says: “Coffee is now considered to be generally safe and beneficial to health, mainly due to the content of almost 200 substances that have positive effects on human health and the body.” However, there are also people among us who, for various reasons, cannot drink coffee or generally have to be careful about caffeine.

That’s why we created Siesta – coffee with reduced caffeine content.

Siesta coffee wrap in the early evening light

Why did we make low-caffeine coffee?

One of the main motivations was to meet the needs of customers and people who, for health reasons – whether diagnosed or subjective – cannot drink classic caffeine coffee. These are mainly a wide group of people, including patients suffering from cardiovascular diseases, pregnant and breastfeeding women or people who are otherwise sensitive to caffeine.

Caffeine is completely safe for a normally healthy individual. However, there are also people among us who love coffee, but they cannot drink it as much as they would like, or they must significantly limit its consumption.

Marek Fajčík

However, coffee with a reduced caffeine content will certainly be appreciated by people who drink more coffee cups a day or enjoy coffee in the evening. Last but not least, Ebenica Siesta is also intended for all gourmets and those interested in innovation.

packaging of low-caffeine Siesta on the kitchen counter

Low-caffeine Siesta, its composition and taste

Siesta Ebenica is a 100% Arabica composed of caffeine and decaffeinated Colombian coffee. At first glance, perhaps an unconventional combination, which is, however, indistinguishable in taste from classic caffeine coffee. Siesta represents a perfect interplay not only in the aroma, but also in the taste, which is characterized by strong tones of almonds, complemented by the delicate fruitiness of mandarins and the sweetness of molasses.

stylized photo of coffee tones

When coffee is delicious and healthy at the same time…

Everything we do, we try it as best we can. This applies not only to the final result in the form of espresso or latte art, but also to everything behind it, i.e. the selection of coffee beans and the way they are roasted. Therefore, decaffeinated coffee in Siesta, similar to decaffeinated Ebenica Zero, is processed by a gentle and harmless Swiss water process.

Decaffeination by the Swiss wet method is the purest technology for the production of decaffeinated coffee, as it is carried out without the use of carbon dioxide or other organic solvents and chemicals, such as ethyl acetate or methyl chloride.

Jarmila Kabátová

We also sent Siesta to the accredited testing laboratory ALS SK, where, in addition to various microbiological indicators, they also measured the caffeine content. It turned out that Ebenica Siesta has half less caffeine than regular caffeine Arabica and up to ¾ less caffeine than Robusta. For comparison: Arabica coffee contains 1-1.5% caffeine, Robusta 2.1-2.7 %, low-caffeine Siesta contains only 0.58% caffeine.

cup of low-caffeine coffee Siesta

Low caffeine, many antioxidants

The test also found that Ebenica Siesta also contains a lot of polyphenols – healthy antioxidants that help prevent diabetes, cancer, osteoporosis and cardiovascular disease. As dietitian Jarmila Kabátová explains: “Polyphenols in coffee have antiatherogenic and cardioprotective effects, such as green tea or red wine. The high content of polyphenolic antioxidants, lignans and magnesium also has a preventive effect against the development of type 2 diabetes.

To drink or not to drink? That’s the question

An average of 8 g of coffee is used to prepare a classic espresso. In the case of the low-caffeine Siesta, such a dose of coffee contains only 47.88 mg of caffeine. In practice, this means that if you drank only Siesta all day, you could indulge in a total of up to 8 espresso coffee cups and still not exceed the recommended daily amount of caffeine. A bomb, isn’t it?

So if you love coffee and drink it really often (like us), Ebenica Siesta is a great alternative for you.