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roasted coffee beans in the shape of heart

Great video from behind the scenes of our roastery

Take a look behind the scenes of our roastery and see how great Slovak coffee is made!

This is how your favourite coffee is born

We are not just a coffee roaster, we are EBENICA COFFEE. Each package of our coffee has its own story, which begins on a plantation in different parts of the world and ends in our and your favourite cup of coffee. Roasting coffee beans is not just standing by the machine. It’s more than that, roasting is the heart of one great adventure.

The coffee story does not end with roasting. On the contrary. Behind every single coffee cup there are people who grow and process coffee, carriers who bring green beans to the doorstep of our roaster in Modra. It is also about the alchemy and experience of our roaster and barista, who tune the coffee and try to find the right roasting profile with the best taste and aroma.

However, the production of quality coffee is also about patience and determination to get the essence of every coffee. It’s about the dialogue and atmosphere that surrounds us when we taste the first sip of freshly roasted coffee. That is why we want to tell you this story – our story, the story of the people behind the Slovak coffee Ebenica. Because thanks to you and your support, we can continue to write it.

Come with us to see what one day looks like, at the end of which we can offer you the coffee we love so much.