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Colombia La Secreta

It will enchant you with its creamy cocoa flavour, complemented by notes of mirabelles and grapes.

Delicious 100% Arabica with a creamy cocoa taste

As its name suggests, Colombia La Secreta holds the secret to perfect taste. The coffee trees grow on a farm of 30 hectares, at an altitude of 1,700 to 2,050 m above sea level, which give this coffee of superior quality (SCA 84) its unique flavour characteristics. It tastes of cocoa, ripe mirabelles and grapes in the cup.

Colombia La Secreta has a medium complex body with a slightly sweet aftertaste, which also has sweet grape notes.. Thanks to its delicious, creamy-cocoa taste, it is perfectly suited for the preparation of classic espresso coffees, but also for milk coffee drinks.

“Beautifully balanced fruitiness. A light tartness obliterates any hint of bitterness on the finish. Juicy, watery grapes – spot on – underpinned by a comforting chocolate liqueur note. Creamy texture and rich mouthfeel.“

Great Taste 2023 jury evaluation

Coffee taste profile

  • cocoa0%
  • mirabelles0%
  • grapes0%