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Cuba Serrano Superior

Absolutely perfect coffee with sweet nut-caramel tones, thick crema and bitter tobacco finish.

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Deliciously bitter coffee with nut-caramel tones

Cuba Serrano Superior attracts at the first sight thanks to the size of the beans and the perfectly dense crema. Because of the gentle processing, this coffee retains its high quality, which is reflected in its full taste. It wins you with its sweet, nut-tobacco tones, which are accompanied with a pleasant, caramel sweetness and minimal acidity.

The full body of this Cuban coffee will be appreciated primarily by such coffee lovers who enjoy bitter coffee with no acidity. Its intense flavor and rich crema make it an ideal espresso coffee, but it is also great for mocha or brewed coffee.

“The judges were really interested to see the producer actually lays claim to the tobacco finish – and there is, perhaps, something Cuban about this espresso. It is a coffee for those who like their espresso bitter –  it is a rich and deeply astringent coffee and almost certainly not to all tastes.“

Great Taste 2023 jury evaluation

Coffee taste profile

  • walnuts0%
  • caramel0%
  • tobacco0%