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El Salvador La Joya

Delicious single origin 100 % Arabica with full tones of cocoa, vanilla, sweet citrus and nuts.

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Modern espresso coffee with a creamy aftertaste

El Salvador La Joya is a 100 % Arabica of Red Bourbon variety, which grows under native shade trees and on the fertile slopes of the inactive Izalco volcano. Thanks to favourable conditions and eco-friendly cultivation, this coffee has a full cocoa taste, enriched by subtle tones of vanilla and sweet citrus fruit.

This delicious coffee has a medium complex body, long-lasting creamy aftertaste and a cupping score of 83 points. Thanks to its mild acidity, reminiscent of candied fruit, every espresso has delicate freshness, which in combination with milk turns into a pleasant sweetness.

Winner of Great Taste 2020 in the category espresso

Rating of El Salvador La Joya by the Great Taste jury:

A touch of fruit on the nose, with some vanilla and chocolate to add some depth, and with a good amount of crema. Quite a luscious initial flavour, with good acidity and a touch of bitterness. The flavour is smooth, leaving notes of fruit, vanilla and a rounded overall mouthfeel and good length of finish.

Coffee taste profile

  • cocoa0%
  • vanilla0%
  • citrus0%
  • walnuts0%