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Guatemala Acatenango

Sweet organic coffee with aroma of candy-box with full tones of chocolate, caramel and tangerines.

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Sweet organic coffee with tones of caramel and tangerines

Organic coffee Guatemala Acatenango will immediately attracts you with its marzipan aroma. The high cupping score (84 points) clearly speaks of its taste qualities. Guatemala is an incredibly sweet coffee with tones of caramel, sweet tangerines and dark chocolate.

Guatemala Acatenango is a complex coffee with a full body and long-lasting aftertaste. Sweet fruit tones and pleasant bitterness are suitable for espresso as well as for combination with classic dairy or plant-based milk.

Winner of Great Taste 2020 in the category espresso

Rating of Guatemala Acatenango by the Great Taste jury:

A discernible note of sweet almonds on the nose, with hints of caramel and vanilla. Plenty of juicy acidity up front, with some bitterness, fruit character and a clean finish, with notes of dark chocolate and spice. A rounded flavour profile with a good depth of flavour – a very pleasant coffee, and quite easy drinking.

Coffee taste profile

  • caramel0%
  • tangerines0%
  • chocolate0%