Coffee tasting box Decaffeinated coffees


Even decaffeinated coffee can be delicious. Try if for yourself.

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Decaffeinated coffees in a tasting box

A fresh triplet of excellent coffees, that can be enjoyed even by people who must watch their caffeine intake. Two decaffeinated coffees and one low-caffeine coffee are united by an authentic taste and a gentle way of decaffeination, using the Swiss water process.

Roasting: Medium Light and Medium

Package contains three 70 gram samples of the following whole bean coffees:
ZERO decaffeinated coffee – chocolate, hazelnuts, fruit
MAMMIE decaffeinated coffee – chocolate, nuts, caramel
SIESTA low-caffeine coffee – almonds, tangerines, molasses

Suitable preparation: espresso, moka pot, pour-over, milk coffees, filtered coffees