Ebenica coffee roasters

When we decided to set up our own coffee roasters

Everything we do, we try to do it consistently. It was not otherwise at the birth of our coffee roasters. Choosing the right roasting machine was one of the most important decisions we had to make. However, with the passage of time, we can safely say that we decided well.

ladle with unprocessed green coffee

The place where coffee is born

The heart of our roasting-plant is a tailor-made Giesen machine from the Netherlands. This 800 kilogram weighing device is made of cast iron. Its integral part is a laptop and the control tower. Although it may seem that the whole process of roasting coffee is just about the technique, it is not.

The human factor will never be replaced, but the technique can make it easier for you to roast and help you achieve stable quality.

Our roaster, Andrej, monitors and checks the whole process of coffee roasting, and if necessary, he makes slight adjustments, for example he changes the efficiency of the burners or the rotation speed of the drum. Thanks to the unique combination of handmade production and state-of-the-art technology, Giesen is one of the best machines in its category.

the main roaster checks the roasted coffee

Due to the advanced technology, we are able to monitor and measure several parameters during roasting, such as roasting time, pressure, air temperature in the drum or beans temperature. The roaster can adjust all these parameters and so he defines a recipe for each of our coffees.

Different external factors, such as outside temperature and air humidity, may also affect the quality of roasting. Therefore, it is especially important for the roaster to watch the whole roasting process and to make sure that the same recipe is maintained.

roasting machine outlet

During one roasting which usually lasts from 12 to 20 minutes, we roast 15 kg of coffee. However, we can also tackle bigger volumes. In one working day, we can easily roast ½ ton of coffee.

Come and see our coffee roasters

Wondering how our coffee is made? So stop by at our company store in Modra. We will happilly talk to you about the whole process of making coffee: from the arrival of green coffee beans to their roasting. In addition, you can taste our coffees and choose the one you like the most.

espresso preparation

We are looking forward to your visit!