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Kenya Tekangu Tegu

Lightly roasted select coffee that will enchant you with fresh tones of grapefruit, flowers and raspberries.

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Select coffee of grapefruit and raspberry tones

You will feel the freshness of the citrus and the lightness of the flowers in the aroma of this African coffee. The 100% Arabica Kenya Tekangu Tegu select coffee is characterized by bitterness and fruity – qualities that never fail in a cup of coffee. In the taste of this Specialty Coffee you can find sweet-bitter grapefruit tones that is complemented by the light sweetness of flowers and raspberries.

The Kenya Tekangu Tegu coffee has a complex body that combines strong bitterness with refreshing fruitiness. Thanks to lighter roasting, it is perfectly suited not only for making fruit espresso, but also for delicious filtered coffee.

Coffee taste profile

  • grapefruit0%
  • flowers0%
  • raspberry0%