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Design paper gift box

Design gift box for one or two 220g packs of coffee.

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Design gift package for coffee Ebenica

Give your loved ones or colleagues an experience of unique aroma, taste and design – give Ebenica coffee in a gift wrapper cover.

Set up your own gift box for your relatives, colleagues or business partners

The size and the contents of the box is only up to you! Whether you pick whole beans or ground coffee, you pick the 1x or 2x 220g package version – we complete it for you and pack it up, so you don’t need to worry about anything.

The gift wrapper covers are available in two languages: in Slovak and English, so whether you want to surprise someone in Slovakia or anywhere else in the world, whether they are your relatives or business partners, the gift wrapped Ebenica coffee is a universal gift, which makes everyone happy.

How to buy gift wrapped coffee?

  1. Add a package of Ebenica coffee of your choice into your shopping cart
  2. Add a ‘Gift Wrapped Coffee in a Box’ to your order
  3. If you have more packages and boxes, please state your preference of coffees per box in your comments to your order and we’ll pack them up just like you’ve asked!

Nature friendly covers

Our gift wrapper covers have a modern, fresh design and are made of FSC certified recycled material which ensures that:

  1. the wood was harvested with respect to nature and local communities
  2. workers have been paid a fair price
  3. the harvesting company takes active steps towards sustainable forestry