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Hario Pour Over Kit

Hario Pour Over four-piece set for making fresh filtered coffee.

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Hario set V60 for filter coffee

Hario V60 Pour Over set from the Hario Japanese brand is a great starting package or gift for enthusiasts of alternative coffee-making methods.

The four-piece set includes a refractory glass carafe with a lid, a plastic dripper suitable for preparing up to 4 cups of coffee, 40 bleached paper filters (02) and a plastic coffee cup.

Thanks to the perfect integration of the dripper with the neck of the glass kettle, preparing coffee in the Hario V60 is as simple as possible and can be handled by anyone. All you have to do is insert a paper filter, sprinkle the ground coffee and pour the necessary amount of water. Making coffee at home has never been easier!

Material: glass (carafe), plastic (dripper), paper (filters)
Capacity: 700 ml
Dimensions: Height 22 cm, Width 18 cm
Model: VCND-028-EX
Color: black