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morning coffee in the office

Why Should We Also Drink Quality Coffee at Work?

Coffee is our favorite colleague, but we will only start thinking about the quality of its “work” when we realize that we spend 1/3 of our lives with it.

Why is Coffee Quality so Important?

We humans have many rituals and morning coffee is one of them. Since we spend a significant part of our lives – according to sociologists and analysts up to almost 1/3 – in the office, we should also care about the quality of the coffee we drink there every day. Nobody wants to drink bad coffee. This is also confirmed by data from Coffee & Health, whose study involved more than 8,200 employees from 6 European countries. According to their findings, up to 56% of employees consider the taste of corporate coffee important. And as everyone knows, the taste of coffee depends on its quality.

morning espresso in a cup

Many Slovak Companies Still Drink Poor Quality Coffee

As a longtime coffee supplier in Slovakia, we know that employees are often dissatisfied with the quality and taste of coffee. However, replacing bad coffee with good coffee may not always be easy for companies. Many struggle with various dilemmas and concerns when trying to change coffee.

„The coffee we have is bad, but we’ve gotten used to it.“ Quite often, coffee in the company is perceived like toner for the printer – any filling is purchased according to availability and price. If the printer is working to some extent, everything’s fine.

„New coffee can be even worse than the original.“ Nobody wants to be a “revolutionary” in the company. The fear that the new coffee may be even worse than the previous one is so great that the whole company prefers to stick to the original, albeit low-quality coffee.

„Good coffee is too expensive, we don’t have the budget.“ For cheaper, commodity coffees, the price per cup is around 15 cents. In Slovakia, it still applies: the lower the price, the better. But the question is: for whom?

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More than 200 Active Corporate Customers are Satisfied with Our Coffee

We have been on the Slovak market for more than 10 years and during that time we have had the opportunity to deliver coffee to countless companies – from the smallest ones with 5 or more people to large ones with hundreds of employees. It does not matter whether the company is engaged in banking, insurance, IT or public administration. Everyone deserves to drink quality coffee.

Quality and Freshness

The benefit of coffee depends primarily on its origin, processing and roasting. Unlike cheap, commodity coffees, we work with selective beans obtained directly from farmers. Through gentle and especially professional roasting, we are able to deliver coffee to our clients, which fully offers all its health and taste benefits.

Quality and Freshness

The differences between quality and poor quality coffee can be recognized immediately, in aroma, appearance and taste. Freshly roasted coffee has a distinctive aroma, rich cream and delicious, full-bodied taste. Access to such coffee at the workplace is extremely important for employee motivation. When good coffee is available in the office, there is no reason to look elsewhere.

preparing fresh coffee in the office

Health and Satisfaction

Drinking quality coffee helps prevent cancer, Parkinson’s disease, diabetes or depression. Considering that up to 43% of employees consider coffee the best means to increase productivity, the question is: What kind of coffee can provide health benefits to employees while increasing their satisfaction and performance?

Reliability and Comfort

By buying high-quality specialty coffee you also invest in a quality relationship. Not only do you communicate directly with the manufacturer, but you also gain a reliable partner who will advise you on choosing the right coffee and a suitable coffee machine, but above all, always delivers freshly roasted coffee directly to your office.

morning coffee suppliers for firms

How would the selection of coffee for your office or company proceed?

After you contact us – whether via form, email, Facebook or Instagram – the following steps will follow:

Step 1 is to find out how your new coffee should taste – what are your ideas, preferences or how you prepare your coffee most often. We can help you to theoretically and practically choose the coffee – by sending samples or organizing a tasting in our coffee roasters or after mutual agreement directly at your company.

Step 2 is to agree on the exact terms of coffee collection, but our service does not conclude with this. You can contact our sales representative at any time, whether you want to try a new coffee or have any questions. You will also be informed about news and other offers from our roasting plant.

Take the taste of your corporate coffee to the next level

Make commitment-free contact with our sales representative and talk about the possibilities of quality coffee in your company.

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