Brasil Santo Antônio


Unforgettable single coffee with full taste of milk chocolate and sweet blueberries.

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Select coffee with sweet taste of forest blueberries

Brasil Santo Antônio is one of the unforgettable coffees. It has a distinctive blueberry aroma and is characterized by tones of milk chocolate, blueberries and sweet oranges. The long, chocolate aftertaste is accompanied by the unperceivable freshness of the berry fruit, which gives it a unique complexity and flow.

The Brazil Santo Antônio has a beautiful balanced, medium-strong body. Lower roasting makes it perfect not only in espresso, but also in alternative preparations. It was not in vain that this select coffee was rated 90+ in the Cup of Excellence.

Great Taste 2019: Winning coffee in the espresso category

Rating of Brasil Santo Antônio by the Great Taste Jury:

Well roasted with colour variation. Really interesting for a Brazil, we weren’t expecting the hints of soft fruits. Fragrant and fruity, yes, it is blueberries on the nose. We presume this is a natural process as there is high acidity and an attractive sweet, orange fruitiness on the palate.

Coffee taste profile

milk chocolate
sweet orange
detail of roasted coffee beans