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A baby sitting on a bed next to a bag of coffee.

Ebenica Mammie – new coffee for pregnant and lactating mothers

We have great news for all pregnant and lactating coffee aficionadas: the Ebenica Mammie, which lacks nothing except caffeine.

Caffeine during pregnancy

Every to-be mother is dealing with questions regarding changes to their diet and their lifestyle as such: a healthy lifestyle during pregnancy is key for proper development of the baby. While some foods and beverages are advised to be included in your diet, others are to be avoided.

Caffeine is one of those substances experts advise to limit during pregnancy. That is because caffeine gets absorbed by the fetus through the placenta and prevents it from absorbing other, beneficial nutrients. In case of extreme intake caffeine may raise the levels of stress hormones and even cause defects in development.

Most of today’s expert studies have established the safe limit of daily caffeine intake at 100-200 mg a day, which is approximately one or two cups of espresso. Have you known that coffee is not the only source of caffeine? There’s caffeine in e.g., tea, cocoa, chocolate and in various pain killers.

97 % of women drink coffee during pregnancy

Given the fact we have been actively looking at the question of drinking coffee during pregnancy since our beginnings in 2009 we know that most women don’t want to give up drinking coffee even during pregnancy and lactating.

This has also been backed by our Big Ebenica Coffee Survey: Coffee During Pregnancy, according to which up to 97 % of pregnant and lactating women drink coffee. However, 3 out of 4 women think that caffeine intake should be avoided partially or even completely, and they think the safe limit would be one coffee a day, which basically aligns with the recommendation of the experts.

A mother with a cup of Ebenica coffee in coffee-to-go cup.
Up to 97% of women drink coffee during pregnancy and lactation. The reason is because they love its taste.

Decaffeinated coffee is the leader

What is a mother to do, if she would like to drink more than one or two coffees a day? Based on our survey, the most common substitute to the classic coffee pregnant and lactating women reach for is decaffeinated coffee. However, they are not content with its taste and rate it as mediocre at best.

This is why we have focused at coffees and flavours that are our customers’ favourites and we have created our new blend Ebenica Mammie based on them – you would definitely not tell it’s decaffeinated coffee!

Ebenica Mammie coffee with espresso cup.

A coffee that lacks nothing

Every package of Ebenica Mammie contains beans of 100% Brazilian Arabica, full of chocolatey, nutty and caramel flavours ­– ideal for espresso or capuccino.

“Ebenica Mammie is the perfect solution to a dilemma of a pregnant coffee aficionada. We have created it with the taste preferences of our customers on our mind, and as a reaction to the rising demand of women for a delicious decaffeinated coffee.”


 It is decaffeinated using the certified Swiss Water Process which uses not chemicals but pure water. The coffee retains not only all its authentic flavours but also its high antioxidant, vitamin, and mineral content, most importantly magnesium, potassium, phosphorus, iron and calcium. Thus, it is not only delicious but also safe and healthy.

What makes Mammie special?

  • Created based on flavour preferences of mothers
  • Has a delicious chocolatey flavour without any acidity and a pleasant caramel aroma
  • Has a wonderful crema when made as espresso
  • Goes well with milk
  • 100 % specialty grade Brazilian Arabica
  • No chemicals were used during its production
  • Decaffeined using the Swiss Water Process
  • Has high vitamin, mineral and antioxidant content