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How a coffee brand becomes a quality brand

We want to bring pleasure to anyone who can appreciate a unique taste. Quality needs to be shared.

Coffee and its origin of quality

EBENICA COFFEE qualitatively belongs to the highest level of the international range of coffee quality, referred to as premium varietal coffee (premium gourmet coffee, specialty coffee). To guarantee its inclusion into the highest category, we have developed our own Ebenica Coffee Quality Standards – Ebenica coffee standards and characteristics. We have even set some much stricter standards compared to the common practice of other brands.

palm with freshly roasted coffee
Inspection of grains shortly after roasting

Ebenica coffee blends have a unique composition, which determines especially their taste properties. You can find the geographical specification of each coffee on the packaging, in the e-shop and in promotional materials. We always mention the continent and the respective subcontinent of origin of the coffee. The exact geographical location of the composition of blends is, of course, the subject of a trade secret.

Freshness at your fingertips

Careful handling of grains from the very beginning is very important for the result. Therefore, we prefer coffees that are harvested by hand, without the use of industrial machinery and equipment.

roasted coffee beans on a white background
Detailed view of freshly roasted coffee beans.

Freshness significantly affects how you enjoy your coffee. Ebenica is imported to Slovakia in green form, i.e. unroasted. We buy it from specialized traders – brokers on coffee exchanges. Roasting, packaging, sale and consumption take place in quick succession, so the coffee retains the best properties.

Care for every coffee bean

The quality of coffee is obvious to experts at first sight. Size-balanced, solid, uncracked and evenly roasted beans are proof that you have excellent coffee in your hands. Focusing on the highest quality segment of coffee commits us to its thorough processing. We roast Ebenica in small quantities on a traditional drum roasting machine. In a few weeks we will start a roasting plant in Modra with a new roasting machine, to which you have the door open. We will be happy to show you how Ebenica is roasted, packaged, stored and shipped. The whole process meets the characteristics of manual manufacturing, in which we can guarantee a careful approach and control of the roasting process.

three levers from the coffee machine
The journey of coffee from the roaster to the customer is already relatively short …

The roasting of coffee itself is preceded by the sorting of grains, during which we remove unsuitable pieces and any impurities from the coffee. We visually inspect the coffee even after roasting.

We protect what is inside

We have already presented the improved design of our packaging. In addition to elegance, however, you will also appreciate their practicality. Protection against coffee weathering is provided by a valve patented by Bosch. Each bag is tightly closed with a heat seal, which together with the Bosch valve prevents excess air and light from penetrating the contents.

The form of protective packaging is very important for preserving the taste and aroma properties of coffee. Various substitutes, e.g. turning cuffs, do not fulfill this purpose sufficiently. In addition, the 220 g packages contain a zip-lock system, which will be used for repeated opening and closing. After use, simply press and close the zip-lock mechanism. Your Ebenica will remain fresh in a protective atmosphere.

close-up of ZIP LOCK cover
Our packaging has a practical zip-lock system that allows you to close the bag again