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four winning Great Taste 2020 coffees

Great Taste 2020: our coffee again among the winners

We managed to defend last year’s success in the international gastronomic competition Great Taste this year as well. This time the award was given to all 4 registered espresso coffees.

We have four winning espresso coffees!

Great Taste, the most trusted international gastronomic competition in the world, has announced its winners in 2020. Among the 12,777 competing products from 106 countries, four of our coffees were also awarded, one of which received 2 stars and three of them were awarded a gold star each. We managed not only to repeat, but also to overcome the success of last year.

roaster Andrej with winning coffees

Two winning coffee blends

One of your favourite blends – Ebenica Intensivo – received 2 beautiful stars, which are awarded to “excellent and delicious product than expected“. Usually, this form of silver medal is awarded to less than 10% of the submitted products. This year, the two stars were awarded to a total of 1,294 products, only 40 of which were espresso coffees.

Our second blend, which took home the winning star from this year’s Great Taste, is Ebenica Duetto – a deliciously sweet blend of Arabica and Robusta coffees. This year, the expert jury awarded one star to 3,818 “delicious products with a fantastic taste“, while only 70 products received it in the category of bean espresso coffees.

packages of coffee in a bag with green coffee

Ebenica Intensivo

blend of varietal coffees from South America, Asia and Africa

Good level of crema, and very easy to pick up on the chocolate creme notes, with an almost fragrant maple syrup vibe – notes of wood and spice make this a very inviting cup. Lots of earthy, woody flavour, with a good amount of bitterness, but not overpowering. A touch of sweetness, balanced with the acidity, and a very rich, roast profile and rounded, lasting finish. A very good roast profile and overall combination of flavours.

evaluation of the Great Taste 2020 jury
thick coffee crema close-up

Ebenica Duetto

blend of South American and Asian Arabica and Robusta coffee varieties

Beautiful thick crema, and a lovely aroma of vanilla, chocolate and roasted nuts. Good level of upfront bitterness, lots of chocolate character, more of the sweet, toasted nuts but with some acidity to balance, and a good length of finish. A nicely balanced roast, with a pleasant flavour profile.

evaluation of the Great Taste 2020 jury
award-winning single coffee Ebenica

Coffee from the Limitka edition also enjoys its winning

We have also entered the last two coffees from the Limitka edition for Great Taste 2020. We planned to include both in the permanent offer. Sweet organic coffee Guatemala Acatenango with tones of caramel, sweet tangerines and hot chocolate, received a “bronze medal” from the jury in the form of 1 star.

El Salvador La Joya characterized by the full taste of cocoa, complemented by subtle tones of vanilla and sweet citrus fruit was just as successful. Both of these coffees also have high cupping scores, which undoubtedly also helped both of these single 100% Arabica coffees to win.

deep coloured crema espresso coffee

Guatemala Acatenango

single origin 100% Arabica of Caturra and Catuai varieties

A discernible note of sweet almonds on the nose, with hints of caramel and vanilla. Plenty of juicy acidity up front, with some bitterness, fruit character and a clean finish, with notes of dark chocolate and spice. A rounded flavour profile with a good depth of flavour – a very pleasant coffee, and quite easy drinking.

evaluation of the Great Taste 2020 jury
single-variety Ebenica coffee

El Salvador La Joya

single origin 100% Arabica of Red Bourbon variety

A touch of fruit on the nose, with some vanilla and chocolate to add some depth, and with a good amount of crema. Quite a luscious initial flavour, with good acidity and a touch of bitterness. The flavour is smooth, leaving notes of fruit, vanilla and a rounded overall mouthfeel and good length of finish.

evaluation of the Great Taste 2020 jury
deployment of jurors within COVID 19 measures

Great Taste in corona times…

The current situation with COVID19 also made the assessment of individual products complicated. While last year the jury was composed of more than 500 experts, this year only 144 jurors judged the individual competition products. The assessment was made in two ways: remote and on-the-spot assessments, while maintaining mandatory distances between jurors. Since 1994, when the Great Taste competition was launched, these have been truly unique measures, but they have ultimately had no effect on the number of products evaluated.

  • Intensivo

    One of the TOP10 espresso coffees in Europe with an earthier, but sweet chocolate and nutty flavor.

  • packaging of Ebenica Duetto


    Pleasantly sweet coffee with a fruit syrup and dark chocolate flavor with a perfectly dense crema.

  • packaging of Guatemala Acatenango

    Guatemala Acatenango

    Sweet organic coffee with aroma of candy-box with full tones of chocolate, caramel and tangerines.

  • packaging of El Salvador La Joya

    El Salvador La Joya

    Delicious single origin 100 % Arabica with full tones of cocoa, vanilla, sweet citrus and nuts.