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certificate Great Taste

We enjoy our success in Great Taste 2019

This year we participated for the first time in one of the largest international gastronomic competitions Great Taste.

It’s time to test our coffees again

Since our success in Coffee Review 6 incredible years have passed. However, our intention to improve and constantly test the quality of our coffees has not changed in the years. That’s why we said that this time we will try our “fortune” in one of the most famous gastronomic competitions – Great Taste, in which food and drinks from around the world are assessed.

certificates Great Taste 2019

After a long, several-month wait, we finally have the results in our hands: three of our coffees won an award in the espresso category! They all received 1 star each, which in the Great Taste competition is the equivalent of a bronze medal, which is awarded to “simply excellent product with a fantastic taste“.

Our coffees awarded in Great Taste

The Great Taste jury awarded two “blends” with “bronze” star – Harmonelle and Gurmano – which are among our customers’ most popular coffees. In addition, they also awarded 1 star to the single coffee Brasil Santo Antônio, which could be tasted as part of our limited edition Limitka.

Ebenica Harmonelle with certificate

Ebenica Harmonelle

blend of Latin American and African Arabica coffees

Lovely dark roast, some oil coming out of good size beans. Lavender on the nose from the beans. Great crema. Well rounded and happy balance between sweet and sour notes. The finish is balanced with a hint of dark chocolate bitterness.

evaluation of the Great Taste 2019 jury
Ebenica Gurmano with a certificate

Ebenica Gurmano

blend of Latin American Arabica coffee and Asian Cherry Robusta

Consistent dark blend delivering a good deep crema. Real bitter dark chocolate notes and well well rounded in the mouth. The bitterness is characteristic of the robusta and with a little warm milk it softens into a rich chocolate creaminess.

evaluation of the Great Taste 2019 jury
Ebenica Brasil Santo Antônio with a certificate

Brasil Santo Antonio

single origin 100% Arabica Yellow Catuai variety

Well roasted with colour variation. Really interesting for a Brazil, we weren’t expecting the hints of soft fruits. Fragrant and fruity, it is blueberries on the nose. We presume this is a natural process as there is high acidity and an attractive sweet, orange fruitiness on the palate. There’s a lovely blueberry muffin like aroma to this espresso which comes through in the tasting. There’s a bright fruitiness and mandarin like flavour coming through.

evaluation of the Great Taste 2019 jury

About the Great Taste competition

Great Taste is one of the largest and most recognized accreditation programs, in which food and beverages from all over the world are qualitatively assessed. Every year, thousands of products are tasted and evaluated and subsequently they are awarded the Great Taste Award, also known as the gastronomic Oscar. This year, too, the competing products were judged by a jury of more than 500 members, including gastro critics, chefs, food producers, journalists, as well as representatives of the business and the restaurant sector.

Great Taste Jury
The jury evaluates the competition products | Copyright: Great Taste

This year, up to 12,772 products from more than 100 countries were evaluated in Great Taste. The evaluation took place in several locations in England and lasted a total of 75 days. The members of the jury were divided into 3 to 4 teams and did a blind test of all the food – without knowing the product name, brand or packaging. Along with the judges, the jury also included professional writers and gastro critics, whose task was to write the judges’ evaluation comments, thus creating the final evaluation of the competition product.

Have you already tasted any of our award-winning coffees?

  • packaging of Ebenica Gurmano


    Coffee blend that wins you over with its full chocolate-raisin flavor and delicate floral tones.

  • packaging of Ebenica Harmonelle


    Unique balanced espresso coffee with fresh floral tones and captivating nutty flavors.

  • packaging of Brasil Santo Antônio

    Brasil Santo Antônio

    Unforgettable single coffee with full taste of milk chocolate and sweet blueberries.