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Brasil Frankenstein

A unique Brazilian 100% Arabica that tastes of forest fruits, milk chocolate and tobacco.

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Unique espresso coffee with notes of fruit jam, chocolate and tobacco

The high-quality beans of the new Limitka (SCA 86) come from the Sítio Das Colinas farm, where the coffee trees grow at an altitude of 1,250 m above sea level. Thanks to the ideal microclimate and the combination of the Honey Method and Anaerobic Fermentation, Brasil Frankenstein obtains a uniquely sweet taste reminiscent of fruit jam and milk chocolate, which is undisturbed by the tobacco bitterness.

Brasil Frankenstein coffee carries a sweetness reminiscent of overripe fruit in its aroma. Its full body with distinctly sweet notes of fruit and chocolate gives way to a pleasantly bitter aftertaste, in which you can also taste hints of blackberry or other forest fruits.

Brasil Frankenstein owes its unusual name to the world-famous novel, which came to the mind of the farmers when selecting and combining the best coffee cherries from the region. In the book, Dr. Frankenstein combined different parts of the human body to create a new, amazing creature.

Coffee taste profile

  • pineapple0%
  • berries0%
  • jam0%