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Mexico Esmeralda

You will be captivated with its distinctive flavours of chocolate, almonds and grapefruit fruitiness.

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New crop: Coffee with a taste of dark chocolate and distinct fruitiness

Coffee is a living raw material and its final taste is influenced by a great number of factors. All it takes is a different amount of rainfall, sunshine or other changes in the country to affect the coffee’s flavour profile. And that is what is currently happening with the new harvest of your favourite coffee Mexico Esmeralda.

As we want you to always enjoy our coffee in a unique way, we have to warn you that the current harvest (until further notice) is very limited. The coffee has notes of dark chocolate and almonds, complemented by a distinct grapefruit-citrus fruitiness.

Mexico Esmeralda is characterized by a medium-bodied and full-bodied finish that you will feel long after you finish it. This coffee presents a unique combination of aroma and taste, which makes it perfect for espresso, as well as for other preparation methods.

Coffee taste profile

  • chocolate0%
  • orange0%
  • peanuts0%