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Peru Chanchamayo

Limited 100% Arabica with a delicious aroma and full taste of chocolate, caramel and apples.

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Chocolate-caramel coffee with delicate aroma

Peru Chanchamayo is one of the finest gourmet coffees of contemporary Latin American production. Hand in hand with its chocolate aroma, it carries a full, chocolate taste with sweet tones of caramel and apples. This Peruvian coffee has a perfectly balanced, creamy taste with very unnoticed acidity, which is complemented by a pleasant bitterness.

Thanks to the high altitude and slow ripening, this select organic Arabica is characterized by a medium body and a complex taste in the cup. Its satisfactory full taste is due to the wet processing of the cherries and drying on the sun, which gives Peru Chanchamayo its aromatic and taste properties.

Coffee taste profile

  • chocolate0%
  • caramel0%
  • apple0%